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We No longer do tours at Inn At The Falls, we DO other ghost tours in Bracebridge and Surrounding Areas in Muskoka, Ontario.

Since 2003 to 2007, We were the official tour guides and have been Sponsored and Marketed by Inn at The Falls Resort, Wedding and Conference Center

We have been promoted and advertised with Muskoka Tourism 2004 - 2008 and Ontario Tourism 2006-2007 Discover Ontario.

Your Host: Patrick Cross-Canada's well credited Paranormal Researcher have hosted Spirit's of the Inn Ghost Tours, Dinners and Seminars with sold out crowds. Bracebridge Ghost Tours-Hear the real tour and history of the hauntings and ghosts of the Inn, never seen before photos of the ghosts, hear the research and investigations of the Inn and all the ghost stories only we know of at the inn since 1979 including the surrounded haunted locations, local folklore, haunted stories and a tour of the town of Bracebridge.

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"Spirits Of The Inn 4" 2007

Ghost seminar, dinner and tour was featured Saturday November 17th 2007 with tour guide and speakers Patrick and Michelle.

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"Spirits Of The Inn 3" 2006

Voted Ontario's best known Mansion and Resort, the famous Inn At The Falls-Bracebridge, Ontario. Featured Patrick Cross and Michelle Desrochers Ghost Talk, Dinner and Ghost Tour Event. We had over 70 people for an amazing turn out of locals and ghost fans for the ghost seminar, with everyone getting lots of ghost activity.

Feature Story-Patrick and Michelle are interviewed in October "10th Anniversay" Magazine Story from "North American Inn's" 2007 on Inn At The Falls-click here

*Note: Ghost photos are no longer available on this website of the Inn.All photos caught of the ghosts of the Inn from our ghost tours and seminars are copyright 2003-2008-Patrick Cross and Canadian Haunted Media.

Photos caught of the ghost of Judge Mahaffy and Jackie Niven are on display at the Inn and copyright/owned by Patrick Cross 2003 - 2013.

First Ghost Tour of "Spirit's Of The Inn 2003"

Ghost Seekers and First Time Ghost Tour gathers outside for the Inn's very first Ghostwalk on February 28, 2003. Patrick leads the way up the stairs to haunted rooms and famous haunted Room 105. Over 150 people attended the special Inn's event.

On February 27 and 28, 2004 - Patrick Cross-Ghost Researcher / Parapsychologist stayed in room 102, beside the Mahaffy suite and experienced a pillow on the bed move and return back to the middle of the bed each time it was placed on a chair. This occured 4 times. Patrick also recorded on tape what is known as an "EVP" clearly sounded like a horse neighing in the pub area including heavy trotting of horses hoofs going by. The Hounds pub was once part of a horses stable before it was renovated. Patrick also caught many ghost photos in the the Inn and believed he also caught a photo of the ghost of Jackie Niven, the former owner as she appeared in the pub corridor's entrance. There was no one around in the pub sitting area when the photo was taken and shot just after 4:30pm when ghost activity is known to occur.

Inn At The Falls is truly a place of beauty and relaxation, like stepping back in time surrounded by it's history and the ghosts that linger on here never wanting to leave. A reminder of a time when life was simple and time stands still to this day.

Please join us on the "real historic tour" of the Inn's beauty and tour of the town of Bracebridge for a glimpse into it's rich history. Maybe YOU will meet up with the ghosts here who seemingly never want to leave this place.

Publicity photo with the Ghost Guides: Patrick, Allan-Inn Manager and Gerald Pyra (guest speaker) in group photo March 2003.

Out on the Inn's first Ghost Walk, Saturday February 28th of some famous places around the Inn with Patrick and Gerald in the front using dowsing rods.

Patrick speaking on the "Spirit's of The Inn" very first ghost seminar in the downstairs Pub.

Gerald Pyra was also a guest speaker at the ghost seminar, seen here with ghost orbs around him as he uses his dowsing rods in the Parlor.

Sitting down for a fine dining dinner with the many people from the ghost walk and ghost seminar in the Inn's Carriage Room.

Patrick sitting in the middle of the haunted bed for a publicity media pose for Muskokan Magazine and the Globe and Mail Newspaper in haunted room 105.

Ghost orbs surround Lisa, Bar Tender at the bar in the Fox and Hounds Pub

Could this Bob and Charlie? Even the ghosts are attracted to the ladies at the Bar in the Fox and Hound Pub, orbs are all over these ladies as they order their spirited drinks. (Photo by Patrick-November 13, 2004-Last day of the Ghost Walks for 2004)

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>Featured below in the Bracebridge Examiner-GravenHurst Banner, March 17, 2004
All photos copyright / protected 2003-2013 Patrick Cross and Bev McMullen. The Inn Story and Text, Research by Patrick Cross. History information supplied by Inn at the Falls. "Haunting Times at Inn At The Falls" Magazine article by Lorrie Imbert-North American Inns-October 2006, "Ghosts Inspire" news article by Allyson Snelling. courtesy of GravenHurst Banner Newspaper-March 17, 2004. No Unathorized Reproduction without written permission by Inn at The Falls, Patrick Cross, Northern Inns Magazine and the Bracebridge Examiner.

Muskoka's Ghosts

Muskoka News--Ghost Researchers Investigate Muskoka's Ghosts--Muskokan Newspaper

Media--Newspaper article on Burlington's Ghost Researchers and Ghost Photographers featured in the Muskokan Newspaper-September 11th, 2003 Bracebridge, Ontario Read about the Ghost Investigations of Muskoka with award winning photographer-Bev McMullen.

The historical book-"Muskoka Traditions" is now available. Authored by Andrew Wagner from the Muskokan Magazine, this is a great book on Muskoka's Past and includes haunting stories with Inn at the Falls and Patrick Cross, Bev McMullen-Photographer. Published by Boston Mills, available at Chapters, Indigo stores and select bookstores

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